What does this content say about our modern society and their values? Does it say something? I mean, sure, it’s just social media. Maybe we shouldn’t take it too seriously when someone shares a picture of two models kissing in Calvin Klein pants saying this is his or her personal #relationshipgoal. But maybe we should at least think about it.

What happens, when young people spend hours a day looking at this content. They probably get used to that visual world, even if it looks so different to their own life. Maybe they start to like it. Maybe they like the idea, that everyone is beautiful and successful in life. Those people don’t have the problems they have. Those people don’t have any problems, they live a perfect life. It seems natural that young people would wish their life to be exactly like that.

The problem is, in this picture-perfect-world of #lifegoals, it’s all about the appearance. People look flawless. Everything in their life is beautifully arranged. As long as it looks good, it is good. That feels horribly wrong to me. First of all, it puts tremendous pressure on young people who don’t have developed a lot of confidence yet. They still try to figure out who they are and who they want to be. Pictures of an unattainable and unrealistic lifestyle can have a very harmful impact on their confidence and self esteem.
Secondly, this is not reality, not at all. Nobody’s life is perfect. Nobody always feels amazing. It just doesn’t work like that. If you keep following lifeless and empty dreams you can only become miserable.

Another disturbing fact about the #lifegoal-trend is that all of the pictures look very similar. I mean very similar. Practically they’re all the same. With life goals being such an individual and personal topic, how is this even possible? Millions of users cannot have the same goals in life. Or can they?

I have the distressing believe, that the mainstream of our society is becoming larger and stronger. It seems like it’s totally legit to be like everyone else. It’s even worth striving for. When you’re beautiful, healthy and successful, you fit in. Appearance seems to be the number one priority. It’s your value. The prettier and trendier you are, the more follower you get. The more follower you have, the more accepted you are in society. There isn’t any rebellious spirit anymore. It’s not popular to be different. Popular and different may sound strange in one sentence, but it nails it pretty good. One example: In the early 90s, many young people all over the planet listened to the music of Nirvana. A band of three broken and hopeless souls were singing about depression, fear and the desire of freedom. The youth culture was feeling their spirit. They felt rejected from society. They felt like they did not fit in. It was popular to feel different.

But that is history. There is no such rebellion anymore. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want the young generation to be desperate like Nirvana, not at all. But I want them not to be afraid of being different. I want my generation not to be afraid of being themselves. For god’s sake, what is wrong about this nice old-fashioned thing called PERSONALITY?

Social media stars are cultivating mainstream and with that they choke the individual potential of so many young people around the world. This is a pessimistic perspective, I realise that. I know there is so much creative potential in social media and there are also great possibilities opening up, especially for young people. But we have to be careful with what we believe is admirable for us. We have to take care about developing our own desires, purposes and goals. Life goals can’t be standardised.

Don’t miss out on all the wonderful and fulfilling things in life. Be bold and stand out!