In the last couple of months, I noticed something remarkable on social media. People started talking about their personal aims, their purposes, their desires. They started talking about their goals in life. They call it #lifegoals.

When people present their life goals on social media, they likely do that with posting a nice picture. Either that’s a picture of their own life or of a life they would like to have. It’s simple like that. Two Examples:

Someone who has a very nice girlfriend.
Someone has a very nice girlfriend.
Someone who wants a very nice treehouse.
Someone wants a very nice treehouse.










There are so many different things you could strive for and people use specific hashtags accordingly. They use #relationshipgoals for a lovely relationship, #familygoals for a nice family or #squadgoals for a picture of awesome friends. So far, so good.

I came across this topic and started wondering what this goal digging is all about. For me, my personal goals and wishes in life are maybe some of the most intimate topics I could talk about. I got my own, individual wishes for the life I want to live. Sometimes they are so personal, I couldn’t even find a picture of another person’s life to reflect them. At other times, I don’t even know what my goals and wishes are. So, why seems everyone to know except for me?

I was getting curious about the aspirations and life goals of other people and I wanted to find out what this personal content looks like. Maybe it would be inspiring to me, too?
I started pinning pictures on Pinterest that I’ve found under the mentioned hashtags. Every hashtag got it’s own board so I could clearly structure the content. The result of 1.500 pinned pictures is a huge disappointment. It is even a bit frightening, at least for me.

No matter what goal-hashtag it was, I haven’t found a single picture, that came even close to my ideas in life. That content is the opposite of inspiration. It’s lifeless, unrealistic, superficial and foolish. And…These pictures look all the same.